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December 31, 2009


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Just wanted to say Good Luck with your quest!
Just keep letting that universe know that you want a healthy baby and it will happen. Good on you for your honesty and persistence.
I feel for you because I have been almost there.
My marriage broke up after 13 years, when I was 34. My clock was ticking so loudly, I was terrified of missing out on the baby train. I found love and also a man to have a baby with. Im 38 years old now and after a miscarriage and 2 IVF cycles, I got pregnant naturally. I think it may have had something to do with putting on some weight (and not being a gym a holic anymore), seeing a naturopath and moving into new digs with hubby. Im 32 weeks now and pinch myself every day. Best luck, baby dust and keep going dear heart!!!


Looks like you've let at least one New Year's resolution go by the wayside already... Hope to hear from you soon.

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