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June 05, 2010


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Well written honey. I still can't believe this happened! *shakes with anger*



The best thing that has come from this that we are stronger and we have each others backs!!

There is a special place in hell for people who lie about cancer!!


Bern Morley

Yeah. I still cannot work out if she wanted friends, money or just to make Tammy jealous and/or love her. I still just can't. Either way, none of the reasons are acceptable. We would have been her friend, we all were. But to be honest Nicki, I was suss too. Mainly because when I met her, I came away with one feeling. And that was, she's not a nice person. In fact, the way she was talking about most any topic, was horribly. Her email re: someones painting being horrible made me wary, but hey, like you said, she has fucking cancer, you can't be nasty or even back away from someone with the big C. Anyway, at least we found out before any of us gave her any real cash. Great post, hope it got some of it off your chest x


Two words:
fruit loop


They were the 2 red flags I can't believe I took no notice of and have been constantly kicking myself in the butt about....

1. Driving herself to and from her chemo treatments and

2. Being a 'larger' framed person when she was constantly having a pukefest!!



Was wondering where she had gone and how she was exposed. I was always wary of her because of her abuse posts, lack of hair lost and receiving the cancer vaccine treatment when it is not available in Australia yet. Truely a sicko when you have to fake cancer to get attention.


well said..i hope she is more lonely than ever right now! im just glad you didnt have to meet her!


Nicky, this might sound really weird, but Janelle McLean did this to my best friend and I back in college in the early 2000's. We live in New York and she even came to visit us. I was googling her (because she faked her death and we found out it was a lie, so I like to keep tabs on her) and found your post. You must email me and we can compare notes...

megrhi (at) yahoo (dot) com


P.S. I can send pictures of her with us to see if it's the same person.

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