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July 19, 2010


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What an amazing friend!!
If she's not planning on breastfeeding for years can this be your backup plan?

Go protein power!

Bern Morley

Spewing. Like I said, if mine weren't too old, you were welcome to them. I know that sounds offhand, but I know what's involved. It's not easy but how worth it to have a bubba at the end.

My positive vibes are on hyperdrive for the next round xx


What an amazing friend. And on the flipside, what an amazing friend you must be for her to offer.

Who knows how long she will breastfeed for. Some babies even self-wean too.

As always have my fingers, toes and everything else crossed for you xo

reality raver

What an amazingly generous offer - what a friendship to cherish. I hope it all works out for you.


I really hope it happens, Nicky,. You will make an amazing mother.........

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