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November 02, 2010


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I hope with all my heart that one day you will be a mummy.

love to you sweets.


Ian Rochfort

Hi Nicky,
I can truly understand your plight.
I am involved with the Melbourne IVF donor program and have seen the problems with the medical side and the shortage of donors.
I have also seen the positive outcomes, and feel privileged to be helping others.
This is not something I have shared on Twitter though, hence writing here.
I hope that you also see positive outcomes.

Lainie Goldman

Hi Nicky...
I first saw you on the message boards of JDate and you had mentioned this blog. I favorited the address and have been reaing what you have been going through. My mother was reading a message board on the IMDB for the reality show Giuiliana and Bill, and told me that there was an interesting post and told me to read it. I was visiting (always visiting, since we live within walking distance) and someone had written a message about Giuliana using IVF versus the Catholic based method called Napro. The posts became heated between the pro-Napro Catholic viewer and the viewer who questions the other's remarks, which is against IVF for ethical reasons, which is discarding unused embryos. Maybe you've heard about this, I don't know. But I thought of you, and if you haven't heard about it, I'll send the link to this.



Anyway, I sincerely hope that you get what you want so desperately. I'm 29 and still trolling JDate and Match.com for a decent guy!!



I don't know what's with the universe, but let's put out that positive energy and ask it to deliver a few dreams this year ...I hope that a baby will be soon on the way to you xo


Oh Nicky, I am so sorry. I was hoping to find some good news here. Thinking of you and have an excellent trip. I hope your little baby comes soon. x

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